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Let us introduce our all-in-one platform for learning to create for Virtual-, Augmented Reality

Learn how to turn your creative ideas into reality

From the very basics of code and design, the roots of Virtual Reality, and a vibrant network of passionate tech-savvy people: We've got you covered. Learn how to turn your creative ideas into reality with no prior coding experience required.

Create powerful AR/VR applications

In these courses, you will learn how to create top-notch immersive experiences and develop high-level AR, VR and MR content. The platform is built for developers, UI/UX designers, sound designers, and people who want to get into or grow in this new upcoming industry.
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Let's shape our future with XR

Learn from industry experts

You can be confident that the skills we teach will prepare you for the real world. Your mentors will be industry professionals with years of hands-on experience in Design, Development, Business, and more.

We value quality over quantity

Time is precious and we don't want to waste yours. This is why we won't blow up our courses with unnecessary, repetitive, filler lectures. Every minute is well crafted and will make the most of your time.

Your gateway into the XR industry

Our network is your network. Whether you are looking for like minded people or your future dream job, meeting the right people is absolutely crucial. As part of our platform we will help you have a voice in the XR field and meet the people you need to succeed.
Out of all the courses out there, Dinesh's course is focused more on teaching the concepts than on making the game itself. Within a month, I've learned C# and many other concepts that are applied in creating a full game cycle. With those concepts, I built my first AR game which is now available on the play store.
Ashray paI

immersive insiders explained

With immersive insiders, we created
a platform that teaches AR and VR development, with the goal of functioning as a social hub for creators.
It doesn’t matter if you are an aspiring dev or a seasoned veteran –

AR/VR tech is always changing and the market is rapidly growing, and our platform reflects that change by always adapting and keeping up-to-date.

Our goal is to drive future technologies like AR/VR that shape our future by offering affordable courses by experienced industry professionals.

With immersive insiders you become a member of industry professionals who help you to grow in the rapidly growing XR industry

Individual Courses

129-199 € one-time
See course details for exact prices
  • Lifetime access
  • All handmade 3D assets included
  • Access to Resource Library
  • Access to project repository

immersive insiders

26 €/month
  • Access to all courses
  • Access to all project repositories
  • Access to private Discord channel
  • Access to Resource Library
  • Cancel anytime


2000 €/month
  • All membership benefits plus:
  • Intense 1 on 1 coaching
  • Custom project support
  • High priority email support
  • Cancel anytime

Take your career to the next level

immersive insiders is a membership platform where you keep learning and evolving forever! The industry is changing and adapting at a rapid speed - and so should you.

   Community support

Meet like-minded people in our Discord community consisting of 500+ people from all over the world.

   Certificates included

Boost your professional credibility with the certificates you receive after graduating from our courses.

   Up-to-date content

To ensure you're having a great learning experience, we are keeping our courses fresh and up-to-date.


You don't need to bring prior coding experience to get started. We teach you everything you need to know.

What our learners say

Real feedback from real students.
Our #1 mission with this platform is to
help you achieve your goals. 

immersive insiders is an amazing platform for XR enthusiasts. Dinesh has explained all the important concepts in an easy to understand manner and in a short span of time, it has thereby reduced the overall course duration. It's highly recommended for anyone who wants to start his/her XR journey!

G. Bhanuteja

I’ve learned more about AR with Dinesh than on any other learning platform out there. He goes through every step of the process with details, covering all sorts of trial & errors. I really enjoy his enthusiasm and dedication. One of the best workshops at an affordable price!

Juan Carlos Ferrá

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Your questions answered

Who is this for?

Basically anyone who is interested in creating applications and experiences using immersive technologies (AR, VR, MR).

What exactly do I get for my money?

The membership is structured around 3 main components:

Courses: The most up to date cutting edge courses crafted with love and passion just for you. Courses will stay up to date and the course library will grow over time. Naturally, you'll have full access to the project and the GitHub repositories.

Monthly 1 hour Q&A group sessions with Dinesh: We will help you get into and grow in the XR industry by giving you insider tips, answering your questions, and preparing workshops for you.

Full insider interviews: We'll interview the best of the best within the XR industry. You will have all the full* insights from Business, Design, Development, and more!‍

*interviews will partly be available on my YouTube channel as well.

What prerequisite do I need?

You'll need a genuine interest in immersive technologies. You will use your own hardware but no worries, most of the modern phones are AR capable already. For VR development you'll need a VR headset. Otherwise, there are no prerequisites besides a burning passion for awesomeness.

What programming language will be used?

For now, we will work with Unity and C#.I'm planning to add more technologies and frameworksand even some low-code tools that help you get started ASAP.

Why a monthly subscription model?

Simply said: It's in my and in your interest. This model helps me to have a reliable source of income which helps you to have fresh up to date content every month. (Which is a big challenge for the whole XR field).

Imagine paying 10.000€+ for a Bootcamp just to find out that the content is outdated after 2 months because immersive tech evolves so damn fast. I know, sounds harsh, but this is the real reality we are living in.

Are there any hidden costs?


What currency and payment is accepted?

Pay with PayPal or credit card. No restrictions here.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yeah, no problem. If you don't like it you can cancel anytime.

Getting started with:
VR Development

Virtual Reality is on the rise! Be part of it by learning to create amazing VR apps and games for all the major VR devices on the market! You also get full access to our hand-made 3D assets, environments, sounds, and more.

immersive insiders membership

So, shall we show you how to get into immersive development in next
to nothing? Become an insider and take action to shape your own reality!
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